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Sea of Stars: Chrono Trigger’s Yasunori Mitsuda Talks His SNES-Style Track

Sea of Stars music

The upcoming turn-based RPG Sea of Stars will launch on August 29. One of the most important aspects of Sea of Stars is its music, which contains guest tracks from Chrono Trigger‘s Yasunori Mitsuda. Developer Sabotage Studio decided to highlight more of the title’s tracks today on social media, while also announcing a new microsite that gives a glimpse of the game’s music production.

In a clip shared to the Sea of Stars Twitter, Mitsuda shared his excitement with being involved with Sea of Stars, and the fact that he was a big fan of Sabotage Studios’ The Messenger. He said he was deliberately attempting to re-create the sound of a game on the Super Nintendo with his track in the game. The Sea of Stars Twitter had previously shared Mitsuda’s track earlier this year.

Check out a bit of what goes into Sea of Star‘s music below with a clip of artist Reece Miller playing a variety of instruments:

That is one multitalented musician!

Fans of music production would do well to check out Sea of Star‘s audio website. There are a variety of tracks to listen to, including “Jungle Path,” Coral Cascades,” and more. I particularly enjoy how each piece has a day and night variant. The composers perfectly capture the essence of the changing of day in music form. One of the compositions, “Mountain Trail,” even has a pirate version!  Each instrument the game’s pirates use has a sample to hear, with concertinas, bohdrans, and tin whistles on display. You can listen to Reece’s full performance of the pirate “Mountain Trail” below:


Sea of Stars‘ sound is also focused on here, emphasizing things like combat, footsteps, and cooking. It just goes to show how important little things like ambiance are to nailing a game’s mood. The original soundtrack for Sea of Stars is coming soon for purchase on Steam or streaming on Spotify, and I can’t wait to listen to it in full.

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