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Starfield: You Can Get the Lodge’s Spacesuit Ridiculously Early

Should you buy Starfield? Here's why you should and shouldn't.

Early on in Starfield, players will go to the Lodge. Located in New Atlantis, the building serves as the headquarters for Constellation, one of Starfield‘s main factions, and gives the player access to various workbenches, rest spots, and other things of immense value early in the game. In the basement of the Lodge, though, is a spacesuit inside of a locked glass case, which requires Master-level lockpicking to open up. However, thanks to a neat trick, Starfield players can actually get the spacesuit in the Lodge immediately. Here’s how.

How to Get the Lodge Spacesuit Early in Starfield

Once you have the Lodge key, head into the building’s basement. Inside one of the storage rooms is a mannequin wearing the spacesuit. Aim your cursor for the cracks in the seam of the case, and you’ll have the option to open the mannequin and loot it for the Mark I Pack, Mark I Space Helmet, and Mark I Spacesuit, all of which have an absurd value and will give you a massive boost to your stats. I’ve included a screenshot below from Patrick Maka on X showing precisely where to aim your cursor. However, I did independently confirm this is possible, at least with the current version of the game (V1.7.23.0), and it’s extremely easy to do.

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Early game, this spacesuit is far and away the best armor you can get, but it’s worth noting that equipping it might end up creating balance issues, since you’ll be so overpowered with it on. Still, if you’re aiming more to run rampant over the universe or never work on your lockpicking skill, the Mark I armor set is absolutely worth getting eventually.

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