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How Long is Lies of P

Pinocchio in the mists of the city in Lies of P
Pinocchio in the mists of the city in Lies of P

Many have tried to recreate the particular dark magics of FromSoft’s beloved Bloodborne, and while plenty of those who sought the throne were easily bested by the Hunters of Yharnam, Lies of P is perhaps the first to stand toe-to-toe with the behemoth. While the satisfying combat and unique world should be enough to draw players in, some will no doubt be wondering if the game’s bang is worth it for their buck. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that length is a decent way to measure quality but when it comes to an action RPG with the ambition of Lies of P, rolling the credits in under two hours would be pretty disappointing. Fortunately, players will find a lot more game under the hood than that.

Lies of P‘s Lengthy Journey

Before we get into things like hours and minutes, it’s worth noting that your mileage will definitely vary depending on a multitude of factors. Between your skill at the game, how much time you spend soaking up the city of Krat, and whether or not you want to over-level into oblivion, there’s no exact science to determining a game’s length. Instead, I’ll be giving you averages so that when you eventually sit down with Pinocchio, you have some idea of what to expect.

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Lies of P is no slouch when it comes to content even though it’s a relatively straightforward experience from start to finish. An average playthrough, tackling all the bosses, should take players just over 35 hours. If you blitz through it, ignoring some of the side-quests and item collections, then you’re likely to roll credits closer to the 30-hour mark. If you can’t get enough of Lies of P‘s twisted puppets, then you’ll need to spend plenty more hours with the game if you want to see the multiple endings on offer. Thanks to the lying mechanic, which allows players to determine how P responds to certain NPCs and quests, there are currently three different conclusions to the narrative based on how truthful you’ve been. To see all of them, expect to put in at least 70 hours, especially since your subsequent runs won’t be hampered by a lack of direction not knowing where to head next.

While it is nice to know how much time you might need to set aside for a particular game, I’d be remiss to not mention that Lies of P will be available on Game Pass at launch. How does that impact its length? It doesn’t but those who might be hesitant to part with their money due to how long a game may take them to beat won’t have to worry about that when it’s ostensibly free through the service.

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