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How Long Is The Resident Evil 4 Remake?

How Long is the Resident Evil 4 remake

Despite being the rerelease of a game that’s already been available for over 18 years, the remake of Resident Evil 4 is, for some fans, their first exposure to Leon S. Kennedy’s adventures in Europe. Even if you are intimately familiar with the original, the remake offers plenty of new twists and turns, which may make you wonder how long it will take to complete. Time is a valuable commodity, so gamers should have at least some idea of how much of a time commitment they’re getting themselves into with a new game. With that in mind, how long is the remake of Resident Evil 4?

What Is The Average Playtime of The Resident Evil 4 Remake?

According to, the average playthrough for the remake of Resident Evil 4 takes around 15 hours if you’re looking to experience the story once. If you want to try and accomplish all of the tasks in an initial playthrough, like collecting all of the treasures, the Clockwork Castellans, finishing up the sidequests, and mastering the Shooting Gallery, that runtime will probably run closer to the 20 hour mark. For reference, I completed my first playthrough while trying to complete everything with a playtime just shy of 18 and a half hours.

If you want to try to complete all the game has to offer, including upgrading all of your weapons and beating all of the challenges the game makes available to you, you can increase your playtime by 20-25 hours. However, that extra length can change depending on how in-depth you wish to go with completing the game. 

For comparison’s sake, the original Resident Evil 4 had a similar length, also lasting anywhere between 15-20 hours for a single playthrough. This mostly goes to show how faithful the remake is if the amount of time for both games is virtually identical, albeit the remake has more replayability based on the one-two punch of the in-game challenges and the Mercenaries mode providing good ol’ arcade action.

And that’s how long the Resident Evil 4 remake is! If you’re looking for advice in making your way through the game, make sure to check out our guides, which cover everything from solving puzzles to finding collectables

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