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How to Avoid Taking Cursed Damage in the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

BG3 Moonlantern

If you’ve made your way into the dark and creepy Shadow-Cursed Lands in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll have noticed how the curse affects you. Every time you move near the curse, you’ll be forced into tactical mode and have to move your team one by one to the nearest light source. It’s a very annoying mechanic to deal with, and very time consuming. You can avoid this pain though by using a few different methods that we’ll cover here. Here’s how to avoid taking cursed damage in the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3).

How to Easily Navigate the Shadow-Cursed Lands in BG3

While you can get by just fine running from patch of light to patch of light, there is a better way to navigate the Shadow-Cursed Lands. All you need is your own source of light, which will make things a whole lot easier on yourself. One method is to simply use a torch, which most players should have in their bag. Simply drag and drop it in the slot just above your weapon. This will allow you to use it as your toggle light source. Under your weapon icon on the HUD, you’ll see four small buttons. The one on the bottom right is your toggle light button. Simply hit that button and you’ll swap out your currently equipped weapon for your torch. It’s best to use this on a character that isn’t super reliant on their main weapon, such as a spell caster.

BG3 Torch

If you’ve already made it to the Moonrise Towers, then you’ll be given a Moonlantern. You can use this instead of the torch for a better light source that covers a wider area. You will have to unequip your weapon and wield this instead though. Another option you can go for is to use a spell that you can cast on one of your party members to turn them into a light source. Using something like the Light Cantrip will grant illumination around the chose light source until long rest. This means it will last a long time and you won’t have to worry about equipping a light source.


Once you have your chosen method of light source, getting around the Shadow-Cursed Lands becomes a breeze… aside from the incredibly dangerous enemies, of course. Try to keep your party together near the light source, though, and you won’t have to worry about going in to tactical mode to navigate the area. No more taking cursed damage from the shadows either while you have a light source going which is nice.

That covers how you can avoid taking cursed damage in the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Baldur’s Gate 3. Something as simple as a torch or a quick cast of a low level Cantrip can make all the difference in getting around!

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