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How to Block in Dead Island 2

How to Block in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2’s Slayers might be immune to the zombie plague, but that doesn’t mean that the undead won’t try to take a bite out of you. You’ll still take damage if they sink their dentures into you, so it’s a good idea to stop them, if at all possible. If you’re wondering how to block in Dead Island 2, we’ve got the answer.

What You Need To Know About Blocking in Dead Island 2

Before you can block any zombie attacks, you’ll need the block skill card. Simple, right? The snag is that different characters get the ability at different points. Your Slayer will get a defensive ability within the first twenty minutes or so, but it varies.

Carla, for example, gets block, while Dani gets dodge. If you’re playing as Dani, you won’t get to block until much later in the game. At that point you’ll be able to switch skill cards between block and dodge, but you can only ever have one equipped. 

How Do You Block?

To block in Dead Island 2, you need to have the right skill card equipped, then use the defensive ability button: LB on an Xbox controller, L1 on a PlayStation controller, or the left Alt key on a keyboard. If you hold it down, you’ll be able to block attacks from the direction you’re facing. The good news is that being hit while blocking does no damage and you won’t lose any stamina.

The bad news is that some zombies can break your block, so one will always eventually get through. Tougher enemies can also still make mincemeat of you. Plus, any zombies that attack you from other directions will still damage you.

You can also counter, which is riskier. That involves hitting the block button just as an attack comes in. It’ll stun an enemy and give you the chance to counter attack by following the on-screen prompts. 

Which Slayers Start With Block And Which With Dodge?

Here are the defensive skills that each slayer acquires early on, just after opening the first mansion gate.

Block – Carla, Ryan
Dodge – Dani, Bruno, Amy, Jacob

Which Defensive Move is Better?

When it comes to whether blocking or dodging is better, it’s mostly down to personal preference. However, you will want to think about how much health and toughness your character has.

If they’re a bit of a bruiser or you’ve used skill cards to turn them into one, blocking is a fair way of defending yourself from the lower level undead.

But we prefer dodging because it lets you step out of harm’s way. If you’ve seen any zombie movies you’ll know that getting surrounded is not a good idea. And that’s all you need to know about how to block in Dead Island 2. 

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