This guide will explain how to complete the Jackdaws Rest quest in Hogwarts Legacy for Richard Jackdaw, with images to explain - Jackdaw's Rest

One of Hogwarts Legacy’s quests has you tracking down the resting place of Richard Jackdaw so can collect some book pages he “borrowed.” So here’s what you need to know how to do to complete the Jackdaw’s Rest quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Here’s How to Complete the Jackdaw’s Rest Quest in Hogwarts Legacy: You Will Need to Kill a Lot of Spiders, Though

You get the Jackdaw’s Rest quest after you have learned the Disarming Charm Expelliarmus from Professor Hecat. The quest will take you to a cave in the Forbidden Forest where you will have to solve some puzzles.

But before you go into the cave you will have to defeat Ranrok’s Goblins and you may also run into some spiders on the way. The goblins are easy to defeat but the spiders are a bit tougher. You should check to make sure you’re wearing the most powerful gear. Also, bring plenty of health potions with you.

Pay attention to the last word in the spiders’ names. Shooters will fire at you, Scurriours will attack you close up and also dig, Hatchlings are fast and annoying, and the Matriarch is the biggest and toughest of them all. You will fight a lot more spiders inside the cave.

They all take a lot of damage from fire (Incendio) but they can close the distance quickly. We’d recommend you use Levioso to immobilize them, though that won’t work on a Matriarch. If you don’t like spiders and are playing Hogwarts Legacy on PC, you can get a no-spider mod.

Once inside, you have to work your way through the caves. You are trying to repair the bridge to the map cave which you do by hitting the round gold locks. It doesn’t matter what order you hit them in, you just have to hit them all before the first one has finished sounding.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest gold locks

Apart from repairing part of the bridge, hitting the round gold locks will usually open a door nearby. You can wander around and backtrack if you’d like. We’d recommend you do this because there is plenty of treasure to be found.

You will also need to use the floating platforms. You can bring these to you by using Accio, and then, when you’re on them, use Accio on one of the platforms usually embedded in the walls. They’re not very hard to use but they don’t usually go right up to the wall so you will have to jump onto them. You can recognize them because they have what looks like door handles on them.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest floating platforms

And there are a lot more spiders to kill, too. Don’t be afraid to run away when you are in trouble. Eventually, you will be close to the map chamber. If you can’t find the final set of locks, look around at ground level. Then, when the bridge is complete, you can enter the main chamber.

That’s where you’ll find Richard Jackdaw’s body — but there’s more to do before you can leave. Inside this chamber you will need to fight the Ancient Defenders. You will first face a few regular defenders, then a big one, then two big ones at once.

The best way to defeat them is to use the Disarming Charm, Expelliarmus, on them. This will temporarily make their weapons disappear, but they will soon summon new ones. Use the time they are disarmed to hit them with regular attacks.

You can also use the same strategy with the big Ancient Defenders. Use Ancient Magic when you can, but also watch out for their jumping attacks. They are slow so you will have plenty of notice (the circles that appear on the ground) so roll or run away before they squash you. Keep moving and you should be okay.

Now, you can investigate the circle on the floor and head through the doorway. The next bit might be worrying but you won’t drown, just go through the door and that’ll lead you to the end of this quest chain. You’ll have to revisit the map chamber later, but for now you’re done.

You can also revisit the cave to pick up any treasure you might have missed. Any spiders you haven’t killed will be there, but the spiders you have killed won’t respawn.

And that’s how to complete the quest Jackdaw’s Rest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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