What all spells can you cast in Hogwarts Legacy

All Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

When it comes to the Wizarding World, few things make it as magical as, well, the magic itself. And during your playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy you will want to accrue all the possible spells you can to combat enemies, unlock new explorable areas, and more. So what are all the spells in Hogwarts Legacy?

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There Are a Total of 34 Spells in Hogwarts Legacy: Here Are All the Spells and When You’ll Get Them

Alohomora: Alohomora is listed as an essential spell that will allow players to unlock chests and specific doors. This will be unlocked during the main story quest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.”

Ancient Magic Throw: This essential spell will allow the user to pick up interactable objects in the world and use them as projectiles against enemies. You will get this spell after the story quest “Welcome To Hogsmeade.”

Ancient Magic: This simple spell lets you unleash an intense attack that can deal a ton of damage or break a shield charm. It is essential and also picked up during the “Welcome To Hogsmeade” story quest.

Basic Cast: Like its name suggests, this is a simple spell that unleashes some small damage on objects and enemies. It is essential and unlocked during “The Path To Hogwarts” story quest.

Petrificus Totalus: This classic from Sorcerer’s Stone acts as a stun-and-sneak attack that takes out small enemies, and briefly holds larger bosses. It is picked up during the “Secrets of the Restricted Section” mission and is essential.

Protego: Protego is the game’s parry option, allowing the player to deflect a number of varying spells or even weapon attacks. If you delay this cast until the perfect moment, you can actually deflect projectiles back to their source and take out enemy shields. This is an essential spell found during “The Path to Hogwarts” quest.

Revelio: This spell acts as the primary interactive spell that allows players to use interactive targets or puzzle pieces, as well as enemies and loot. Players will receive this after “The Path to Hogwarts” quest.

Stupefy: Similar to its name, this spell gives players the opportunity to stun an enemy during battle. While it causes no direct damage, it can make enemies more vulnerable to normal attacks. On lower difficulties this spell also can break a shield spell. This is another essential spell you will pick up on “The Path To Hogwarts” quest.

Beast Feed: While it doesn’t sound like a spell, you’ll gain the magic of animal friendship as this allows you to feed beasts. This is a utility spell, and is picked up during the “Beasts Class” main story line.

Beast Petting Brush: Similar to Beast Feed, this will let players interact with their animals and groom them. You also unlock this in the “Beasts Class” storyline, and it also functions as a utility spell.

Disillusionment: This spell is great for stealth, as it allows you to blend with your surroundings and makes it tougher for enemies to see you. This is also an important spell to use before trying to use the Petrificus Totalus spell. It is considered a utility spell and is unlocked during the “Secrets of The Restricted Section” main story quest.

Lumos: Another classic from the series, Lumos acts as a flashlight that assists with dark areas or even specific light based puzzles. It is listed as a utility spell, but you’ll pick it up early during “The Path to Hogwarts” quest.

Nab-Sack: This utility spell is simply a bag that has been charmed to hold your tamed beasts, and you’ll need this if you want to keep animals in the Room of Requirement, Vivarium. You’ll unlock it while playing the main story quest “The Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom.”

Reparo: This utility spell works as magical super glue, allowing players to repair damaged objects to their proper unbroken states. This is the first spell that is grabbed on an assignment quest, in this case “Professor Ronen’s Assignment.”

Wingardium Leviosa: No matter how you pronounce it, Wingardium Leviosa gives the players the power to levitate and control specific objects. This is another utility spell that is picked up during “Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1.”

Arresto Momentum: Now we come to our first control style spell. Arresto Momentum will slow down enemies and objects which can be useful in and out of battle if you need some extra time to think. This is picked up during “Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2.”

Glacius: Glacius takes it a step further, allowing players to freeze enemies in place, as well as increase the damage they build during the course of the spell. This control spell is picked up during “Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1.”

Levioso: Leviosa acts as another control spell that gives players the power to lift objects, though this can be used on enemies in battle, and on larger objects for specific puzzles. Players will gain access to this spell during the “Defense Against the Dark Arts Class” main story mission.

Transformation: As its name suggests, the transformation spell will allow players to change enemies and objects into different forms. This can be helpful in battle reducing enemies to harmless toys or objects, or in converting everyday objects into important puzzle pieces. This is picked up during “Professor Weasley’s Assignment.”

Accio: This is one of the most useful spells from the original series, and is just as helpful in Hogwarts Legacy, as it allows players to summon a number of objects quickly. It can also be used to bring enemies closer for combo attacks. This is the first force style spell, and is gained during the “Charms Class” main story quest.

Descendo: Another force spell, Descendo will send enemies flying towards the floor, and while the spell itself won’t cause any direct damage, the force of the enemy hitting the ground will cause significant injury. This spell is best used when tackling airborne enemies who will have the most damage accrued by the longer fall. This spell is picked up during “Professor Onai’s Assignment.”

Depulso: Depulso works as another force spell, and is another shielding style spell which will deflect higher force thrown enemies projectiles and objects, making it helpful against stronger enemies. Depulso is picked up during “Professor Shar’s Assignment 1.”

Flipendo: Another spell where it’s all in the name, Flipendo simply flips an enemy or object backwards and upwards, providing some defense against charging attackers, as well as a solution to certain object puzzles. This is classified as a force spell, and is attained during “Professor GArlick’s Assignment 2.”

Bombarda: Bombarda is a large blast of a spell, dealing impressive amounts of damage when it hits its target, and even more explosive surrounding damage that extends to other objects and enemies around its target. This can be incredibly helpful against big bosses or large groups of enemies, as it is the first major damage classified spell. Players will get Bombarda during “Professor Howin’s Assignment.”

Confringo: Another damage spell, Confringo lashes out as a bolt of lightning perfect for long range attacks and dealing some pain to enemies, while also setting them on fire. You will get Confringo during the main quest line “In the Shadow of the Undercroft”.

Diffindo: This spell brings slashing attacks that deal out some intense damage. Diffindo can be picked up during “Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2,” and is classified as a damage spell.

Expelliarmus: One of Harry Potter’s personal favorite spells, this spell allows you to disarm opponents, and deal a bit of damage to any enemy regardless if they have a weapon. You’ll get this damage spell during “Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2.”

Incendio: This is a powerful damage spell that will also light specific objects on fire, though its range is not as strong as something like Confringo. You’ll get Incendio during “Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.”

Altering Spell: The first of the transfiguration spells, an Altering spell will give the player the ability to adjust the features of certain items when used in the Room of Requirement. This spell is more for fun than practical effects, but can be used to make your space your own, as it is picked up during the side quest “Interior Decorating.”

Conjuring Spell: Another transfiguration spell, this allows players to conjure specific items into existence, but this is only available in the Room of Requirement. You’ll get this spell during the main story quest, “The Room of Requirement.”

Evanesco: This spell will let you get rid of items and return moonstones, and is used exclusively when decorating the Room of Requirement. This is a transfiguration spell that is unlocked in “The Room of Requirement” main quest line.

Imperio: The first of the sinister unforgivable curses, Imperio will let players take over the mind of an enemy and get them to fight on your side in battles. Note if there is an NPC there they will likely admonish you for using this spell. You gain access to Imperio during the “In the Shadow of Time” relationship quest.

Crucio: The second of the three unforgivable curses, Crucio causes torturous pain to enemies that causes them to take sustained damage as the spell goes on, while also cursing them to take extra damage from other attacks. Players will get access to Crucio when playing through the “In the Shadow of the Study” relationship quest.

Avada Kedavra: The most heinous and last of the unforgivable curses, Avada Kedavra will instantly kill any enemy you cast it at, as well as get harsh criticisms from any NPCs around you if you choose to use this deadly curse. You can learn Avada Kedavra by completing the relationship quest “In the Shadow of the Relic.”

And those are all the spells you can get in Hogwarts Legacy and where to find them. Of course, you will need a wand to cast them — here is how to make your wand your own in Hogwarts Legacy.

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