NBA 2K24 is about more than just basketball, so here are some tips for winning your weekly hoverboard races.

How to Complete Race of the Week Events in NBA 2K24

Every year in NBA 2K we get a new method of personal transport to get around the City quicker in the MyCareer mode. This year in NBA 2K24 we’ve got the handy one-wheel hoverboard to zip around on. As with the last several entries in the franchise, there is a weekly event race that we can participate in with our hoverboards to earn rewards. The first of which is the current Season 1 Week 1 event, which is live at the time of writing. It’s actually quite tricky to complete the time requirements for this event so let’s take a look at some tips on how to complete Race of the Week events in NBA 2K24.

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How to Complete Race of the Week Events in NBA 2K24

Head to your events tab in the Quests menu in MyCareer mode. Look for the Race of the Week event and head on over to the designated NPC for the weeks race. Talking to the Race Event NPC will show you your rewards and ask if you’re ready to go. Accept, and you’ll be put on the board ready to start the race. All is not lost if you make a mistake or take a wrong turn — you can end the race by hopping off your hoverboard, then simply head back to the Race Event NPC and restart.

NBA 2K24 Event Race 1

Unfortunately there is no way that you can actually increase your speed with the hoverboard in NBA 2K24. No pushing it along with your foot for a speed boost or anything like that. So all we can do to improve our race time is to take the best racing line possible. This means you need to basically take every corner as tightly as you can, and even cut them where available.

The checkpoint poles that indicate the space you can pass through to acquire the checkpoint are actually not solid, so you can get some pretty tight corners in if you pass through them. This is actually the best way to get a time under 45 seconds in the Season 1 Week 1 event race. For every corner, head straight through the pole on the side it’s indicating you need to turn. If done correctly, this will shave off the milliseconds you desperately need to complete the event.

That covers it for how to complete the current Race of the Week event in NBA 2K24. With no way to really improve speed, you’ll need to focus on taking the best racing line possible to win. And for more tips, check out our guide to unlocking all of the secret builds in NBA 2K24.

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