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How to Cure Leaflings in Pikmin 4

Here is a full explanation of how to cure Leaflings in Pikmin 4, which involves Glow Sap and the character Yonny.

While plenty of players are exploring the world of Pikmin 4, they’re most like going to encounter several strange and unnatural lifeforms. While most of these will be in the form of hostile enemies, there are strange creatures in Pikmin 4 called Leaflings that you may come across on your travels. These bushy beings aren’t exactly dangerous, as they are former explorers like you, but they don’t seem to want to come with you and get help for their unnatural condition. There is a way to restore them back to their original selves, but it requires several steps to do so. Here is a full explanation of how to cure Leaflings in Pikmin 4.

How to Rescue and Cure Leaflings in Pikmin 4

As you’re exploring one of the game’s many environments, you may come across a Leafling asking you to participate in what is known as a Dandori Challenge. These challenges will task you with collecting as much treasure as possible within a short time limit in a compact environment with a set type of Pikmin. You’re free to retry these challenges as many times as possible, and you only need to get a Bronze rank in order to complete it, something you should be able to handle even if your time management skills aren’t exactly the best.

Once you’ve finished the challenge, you’ll receive several raw materials, and you’ll be able to collect the Leafling and bring them back to your ship. All Leaflings in Pikmin 4 require three Pikmin to carry, so you should have plenty of Pikmin with you to successfully return them to your base. Plus, given that time does not progress while you are completing a Dandori Challenge, you should also have plenty of time to rescue them. Once the day ends and they’ve been returned to base, then they’re officially saved!

Curing them requires a little bit more effort. Once you’ve rescued Yonny, the eighth castaway, you’ll be able to unlock night expeditions, which will task you with protecting nests known as Lumiknolls in a tower defense-based mode. This is where you’ll have to use Glow Pikmin to protect the Lumiknolls, which can be a bit hectic at times depending on how challenging the area is to defend. Once you’ve finished the mission, depending on how many Lumiknolls survive the night, you’ll get one Glow Sap for each Luminknoll. Each Glow Sap equates to one cure that Yonny can concoct, which means one Leafling will be cured per Glow Sap retrieved. From there, the Leaflings will go back to being their normal selves and can give you sidequests or progress the main plot!

So in summary, to cure Leaflings in Pikmin 4, you need to bring Glow Sap to Yonny.

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