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How to Defeat the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter Boss in Armored Core 6


From Software likes doing things a specific way, so naturally Armored Core 6 is as challenging as its soulsborne predecessors. While easier than Souls-like games when it comes to defeating the regular enemies in the missions, the boss fights are just as challenging. The first boss fight you encounter in the game is the PCA Heavy Helicopter boss and it’s incredibly tough if you’re not used to the series. Lets go over how to take  down the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter Boss in Armored Core 6.

Best Strategy to Beat the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter Boss in Armored Core 6

From Software isn’t super keen on telling you how to play their games; it’s something you’re left to figure out on your own for the most part. Lucky for you, I’ve taken the ass-kicking in your place and learned how to beat this first, difficult boss.

PCA Helicopter Boss AC6

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Stay in the air as much as possible. It may be fun to glide and boost around on the ground but it’s the worst place to be. In the air you have a lot more flexibility and can boost in more directions to avoid rockets and gun fire.
  2. The most important part of this entire fight is to use your melee. Yes that’s right, don’t just shoot the Helicopter, you need to go slash it. Fly in close and fast with your big boost. Use your melee attack combo (two consecutive melee attacks). This will deal massive damage.
  3. Once you’ve dealt some good melee damage the Helicopter will become vulnerable. Hit it with missiles and gun fire while your boost recovers. Then fly back up to melee it again.
  4. If the Helicopter changes sides, use the crates as cover to help you maneuverer over to it while avoiding damage. Keep an eye on your Stagger Meter to avoid getting stunned.
  5. Fly up to hit the Helicopter with another series of melee strikes followed by some gun fire and missiles while it’s vulnerable. This should then be enough to take it down and complete the challenging first boss encounter!

That’s how to beat the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter boss in Armored Core 6. It’s not an easy first boss to figure out. Flying in to melee the helicopter isn’t something intuitive but it’s basically crucial for completing the fight. At least now you know and can go sock it to that first big boss!

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