Disgrace Salazar Family in Resident Evil 4

How to Disgrace the Salazar Family in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Ramon Salazar’s burned a lot of bridges with the locals lately. He’s cruel, demanding, has a real Napoleon complex, and got a lot of the villagers killed through inhumane medical experiments and/or transforming them into monsters. He’s well past due for a little payback. You’d think shooting him would be enough, but the Merchant has something else in mind. Here’s how to disgrace the Salazar family in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

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Egg on Your Face: How to Complete ‘The Disgrace of the Salazar Family’ Side Mission in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

Two new side missions become available in Chapter 12 when you return to the castle from the mines. They can be easy to miss, but look for the two blue flyers on the wall next to the Merchant’s little cubbyhole at the cable car station.

One, ‘The Disgrace of the Salazar Family,’ is arguably the most difficult side mission in Resident Evil 4, primarily because it’s the most vague. You’re given a photograph of a location in the Castle and a request to deface Ramon’s portrait by “hitting it with something.” The end.

The location in question is the Throne Room, which you briefly visited at the end of Chapter 10 before Salazar dropped Leon into the caverns. Head back that way.

The Throne Room is abandoned in Chapter 12, aside from a force of zealots on guard detail in the room that used to host the double Garrador fight, as well as two chickens that hang out near Ramon’s throne.

You can take a seat on the throne to replicate the famous ‘there’s no time for resting’ scene from the original Resident Evil 4. More importantly, if you’re facing the throne, the portrait of Ramon you’re here to deface is on the wall to your left.

The portrait isn’t considered sufficiently defaced if you shoot it or throw a grenade. Instead, if you leave the two chickens alive and wait around for a minute or two, they will lay eggs. Watch them until they stop moving and sit down. A few seconds later, there’ll be a new Egg or Brown Egg for you.

Not only is this handy if you’re a little low on health, but you can throw one of the eggs at Ramon’s portrait to complete the ‘Disgrace of the Salazar Family’ side mission. Just as in the original Resident Evil 4, you can equip eggs and throw them the way you would a grenade, and hitting the portrait with any type of egg will fulfill the Merchant’s request.

You can also use the Gold Chicken Egg that’s inside the locked cabinet, but that’s a little too valuable to burn on a simple request.

Like any other side mission in the Resident Evil 4 remake, you can fulfill this request without actually having to look at the original flyer. Your reward for this side trip is 4 Spinels.

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The Disgrace of the Salazar Family Side Mission Complete in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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