Here is the full answer to how to drop items from your inventory in Sons of the Forest, but it's a rather strange one.

In Sons of the Forest you’ll be shoving things into your inventory at every opportunity. After all, survival’s going to be extremely difficult with empty pockets. But how do you drop items from your inventory in Sons of the Forest? Read on for the answer.

In Sons of the Forest, You Can Only Drop Objects That Won’t Fit in Your Inventory

The simple and surprising answer to how you drop objects from your inventory in Sons of the Forest is that you don’t. The only time an object leaves your inventory is when you eat / use it or combine it with another item.

But… hang on… isn’t there a drop button? Yes, there is. Sons of the Forest’s drop button is G on the keyboard and B on an Xbox-style gamepad. The Options / Controls menu calls it “drop.” But that’s not the way it works.

You can only actually drop objects that won’t fit in your inventory. So if you’re carrying a log or similar in your hands, pressing G will make you drop it. But if it will fit in your inventory, G just unequips it and returns it to your inventory.

There are a few exceptions — pressing G will unequip the axe, but it won’t unequip the GPS map. Instead, you’ll have to press the map key, M, a second time to put it away. And if you’ve got too many of an object already in your inventory, the game won’t let you add any more.

But there’s no way of removing an object from your inventory and dropping it. Objects only leave your inventory if you eat them or use them in some other way, such as combining them with another item.

That might seem like a pretty big oversight on the part of Endnight Games, Sons of the Forest’s developer. But the snag is when you start letting players drop objects, you’ve got to either a) record exactly where each object is or b) have the objects disappear after being dropped.

Besides which, Sons of the Forest is in Steam Early Access, so there’s plenty of time for the developer to implement a proper drop system or, at least, let you destroy inventory items.

But right now, if you’re wondering how to drop items from your inventory in Sons of the Forest, the answer is that you can’t.

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