Players want to know how they can fix this voice bug in Hogwarts Legacy where characters sound robotic, so here is the answer.

There are few things that can take a player out of the immersion in a game more than a robotic-sounding voice, and a number of gamers have reported an issue with their Hogwarts Legacy character’s voice having this problem. With the main character speaking a considerable amount in game and during cutscenes, players want to know how they can fix this voice bug in Hogwarts Legacy.

To Fix the Voice Bug in Hogwarts Legacy Is a Simple Task

The main cause for the bug occurs in the character creator, if the player picks a pitch that sounds alright in the creator itself but has issues translating to the game due to the adjustments on the technical end to fit the chosen pitch into the game. So the quickest way to fix the bug is to change the pitch back to the default setting.

You can make this adjustment without having to build a new character by going to the game’s Settings. From here select the Audio tab and go to the voice pitch slider option. Once selected, just adjust the pitch back to the slot in the middle of the slider. Unfortunately, your voice pitch choices will be removed, because the only two voices at this time in the game that do not have the bug are the two default options.

But while players might lose some choice, this should fix the voice bug in Hogwarts Legacy. Next up, here’s how to fix the blue-green character bug in the game.

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