How To Get To The Secret Boss In Super Mario RPG

How To Get To The Secret Boss In Super Mario RPG

RPGs are known for having plenty of secrets, and Super Mario RPG is no exception. Among the game’s harder-to-find elements is a secret boss, Culex, but it’ll take you some steps to get to it. Here’s how you to find the secret boss of Super Mario RPG.

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Where Is Culex in Super Mario RPG?

The secret boss, Culex, is a throwback to other Square RPGs of the SNES era, but you’ll first have to complete a series of steps to reach this powerful super boss. After acquiring the third Star Piece in Moleville, you’ll find a little mole girl hiding behind boxes who will ask you to trade some fireworks for her Shiny Stone.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t have any fireworks at this point, but getting some is actually pretty easy! In a nearby house, you will find a mole who will sell you fireworks for 500 coins. That may seem like a lot, but it’s easy to acquire by selling some weapons, armor, or other items you don’t need anymore. Once you have fireworks, trade them for the Shiny Stone and you’ll be good for a little bit.

How To Get To The Secret Boss In Super Mario RPG

Now you just need to figure out what to do with the Shiny Stone. For now, just continue playing until you reach Monstro Town after acquiring the fifth Star Piece. Upon arrival, you’ll see a black door that you can’t open unless you present it with the Shiny Stone. At that point, you can enter the black door and find Culex waiting for you.

Whatever you do, though, do not fight him right away. Culex is about as strong — if not stronger — than the final boss, so if you’re fighting him on your first visit to Monstro Town, expect to be completely obliterated. Wait until you reach the final level or have already defeated Smithy, and make sure you get some excellent equipment by trading in those Frog Coins before challenging him. Trust me, you’ll need it.

That’s how to reach the secret boss in Super Mario RPG. Good luck bringing him down!

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