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How to Grow Vegetables in Manor Lords

Another food source for your settlement.

Trying to procure different food sources is one of the most difficult aspects of Manor Lords. You have to provide food for dozens of citizens every month or you’ll see the “Hunger” message appear. Fortunately, Manor Lords offers the ability to produce a variety of food, including vegetables.

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How to Get Vegetables in Manor Lords

To start producing vegetables for your settlement, you’ll need to accomplish a few different goals in Manor Lords. The first of those goals is creating a Burgage Plot that’s large enough to support an add-on extension. When plotting a Burgage Plot, ensure that a secondary icon appears on the white plot lines. This icon will be behind a dotted white line, as seen in the screenshot below.

Building a big enough Burgage Plot for an extension. Screenshot by The Escapist

Once you have plotted a large enough Burgage Plot, start construction on it by using an assigned family in your settlement. Once the Burgage Plot is complete, allow a family to move in and then click on the house itself.

If your Burgage Plot supports an extension, you’ll see a new icon appear next to the “Upgrade Burgage Plot” icon. The icon has a hammer in it, and if you click on it, you’ll see a number of new “Backyard Extensions” you can build for it. These extensions turn that specific Burgage Plot into a source of products for your settlement. These products include Eggs, Weapons, Armor, and, yes, Vegetables.

Building a Backyard Extension. Screenshot by The Escapist

To start growing vegetables, select the carrot icon from the list of Backyard Extensions, which is the Vegetables Garden extension. Every extension costs a certain amount of Regional Wealth to construct, so you’ll have to have that specific amount available before you can build anything. Some Timber is also required for the Vegetable Garden, but that’s much easier to obtain.

If you have the right resources, then you can click the Vegetable Garden icon and the family living in that Burgage Plot will get to work on building it. After it’s complete, the family starts the garden and will deliver a certain amount of vegetables to a Granary/Storagehouse every month. I recommend having a storage building nearby so the family doesn’t have to walk too far.

The yield of a Vegetable Garden relies entirely on its backyard size, so I also suggest building the garden for your larger Burgage Plots. Smaller houses won’t be able to grow many vegetables.

And that’s the entire process of growing vegetables in Manor Lords. It’s a fairly quick and easy process, and you can have as many as you want to ensure your citizens never have to go hungry again. You can track how many vegetables you currently have by hovering over the “bread” icon on the right side of the top hotbar.

Manor Lords is available now for PC and Xbox.

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