Here is everything you need to know about whether trees do or do not regrow without logging out of the Sons of the Forest (and how they grow).

Sons of the Forest has you hacking down the forest to build log cabins, bases, and the like. But even with Kelvin’s help, there’s a lot of chopping to be done. Isn’t there a way to speed things along? Maybe you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to have infinite logs in your log holder in Sons of the Forest. Here’s the answer.

You can get an infinite number of logs by editing a Sons of Forest save file.

There was originally a glitch that let you get infinite logs in-game, however it was fixed with the last patch. Even so, as spotted by one Reddit user, you can replicate this bug by editing your save files. You can then build a massive base with next to no chopping required. Here’s what to do. 

Firstly, build a log holder in-game using sticks. Then, cut down a tree and put one log in the holder. 

Now, save the game. It’s worth saving it twice in case something goes wrong. 

Infinite logs in Sons of the Forest

Exit Sons of the Forest or use Alt-Tab to get to the desktop. Go into Windows Explorer and in the top bar, type: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves

That’ll take you to the save directory. There’ll be a folder with a long number. Click into that. You’ll now have a choice of two folders, Singleplayer or Multiplayer. For now, choose Singleplayer and click into it.

Make sure Windows Explorer has the folders ordered by Date Modified and click into the top folder (another long string of numbers), which should be the most recent save. Find the file ScrewStructureInstancesSaveData.JSON and right-click on it, choose “open with” and choose Wordpad.

Now that you’re in the file, look for: “Id\”:37″

You can look through the data or you can use CTRL-F to find it. 

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Now, look for “[{\”ItemId\”:78,\”TotalCount\”:1,\”

Change TotalCount to 1000, so that it instead becomes “[{\”ItemId\”:78,\”TotalCount\”:1000,\”

Now, save the document in Wordpad by using File -> Save, then exit. Alternatively, just click the X button in the top right hand corner and save when prompted. 

When you load that save file, you can go to your log holder and, using E on the keyboard, keep taking out logs. It’ll only show six logs, but it’ll let you keep taking logs even when it looks empty — up to 1,000 in total. 

You might be wondering how that qualifies as a way to get infinite logs in Sons of the Forest. The reason is that it’s repeatable. Once you’ve exhausted all 1,000 logs, you can again put a single log into the holder, save your game, and go through the above process. The structures you’ve built with those 1,000 logs will still be there, but you’ll get 1,000 more.

You can also have multiple log holders, though that tends to complicate things. 

Here's everything you need to know about how to get infinite logs in Sons of the Forest now that the in-game exploit has been patched.

Is there a catch?

There are a few things to be aware of. Firstly, the host of a multiplayer game can do this by going to the multiplayer folder instead of the singleplayer folder. However, it’s possible that, at some point in the future, Sons of the Forest developer Endnight Games will start taking action against people who use cheats or exploits. 

So, if you’re using this in a multiplayer game, you’re doing so entirely at your own risk. In theory, once you’ve used up all the logs, there’s no sign that you’ve cheated, but don’t hold us to that. You’re editing save files which isn’t exactly developer approved.

Secondly, you may run into a glitch or two using this exploit. Don’t be tempted to put in some super-high number. We got greedy and added 9,999,999 logs, and the game crashed every time we tried to load the edited save. Even with 9,999 logs, we found that chopping away at the log holder also crashed the game. So, we’d recommend you stick with 1,000 logs and don’t attempt to break or disassemble the log holder until it’s entirely empty. 

Finally, be careful when taking logs out. We got a bit silly, hitting the E button again and again, and were nearly crushed under a torrent of logs. This exploit to get infinite logs in Sons of the Forest is useful if you just want to get building; it’s the closest you can get to Minecraft’s creative mode, but it’s not without its issues.

Now, if you’re running into problems with Kelvin destroying your lovely buildings, you might want to check out this workaround. If, on the other hand, you’re wondering exactly what to do with all those logs, we have this beginner’s guide to building.

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