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How to Know How Many Customers per Night in Dave the Diver

Here is everything to know about understanding how many customers you can expect and manage per night in Dave the Diver.

One of the best parts of Mintrocket‘s Dave the Diver is getting to be the driving force behind managing Bancho’s awesome sushi restaurant. You have control over the staff, decor, menu, and ingredients. Plus, you have to run around helping out during the actual services as well, so there is plenty to think about and balance. One thing that you may have been thinking when preparing the menu in Dave the Diver is how many people are actually going to come each night, as well as how many dishes you need to have prepared to meet demand. Here are the answers.

How to Know How Many Customers Come Per Night in Dave the Diver & Optimize for It

Well, it’s actually not possible to tell exactly how many customers you will get each night. There isn’t a number on a menu somewhere or an indicator to display a figure while you’re serving. However, there are a few things that scale the number of customers coming in and out and a few things you can do to optimize the services. First of all, your decor actually does matter. Upgrading the decor in the restaurant can easily be something that slips your mind, but spending some of your hard-earned gold on upgrading the place can be worthwhile as it increases the number of patrons that will come each night, which means more gold for you if you can handle it.

Preparing your menu can be tricky when you’re not sure how many customers will be turning up. You don’t want to overcommit or undercommit on the dishes you use for the night in case you get more or less customers and waste food or run out and have to cut the service short. Luckily, there is an excellent feature that you can use to completely solve this issue. When selecting your dishes, lock in the ones that you want to serve that night, then select each one, and on the menu choose the option to enable Auto Supply. This amazing little feature will enable the service to use exactly as many dishes are needed to perfectly meet the needs of the customers showing up for that night’s service. This means no more worrying about how many of each dish you need to commit; they’ll get used automatically, which is awesome.

Here is everything to know about understanding how many customers you can expect and manage per night in Dave the Diver.

During each service, don’t forget to clear away plates from customers that have finished. You’ll see a prompt above them in certain spots when it needs someone to go clear them. Doing so will ensure you don’t miss out on extra customers because there was nowhere for them to sit. I’d also highly recommend that you train at least one extra staff member to be good at cooking and one extra staff member to be good at serving and upgrade them enough to be able to pour drinks. This will ensure you’re able to properly meet the demand and won’t lose out on customers from their growing impatient and leaving. It’s definitely worth the extra cost!

That’s everything there is to know about understanding how many customers you can expect and manage per night in Dave the Diver. While you won’t be able to tell exactly how many customers you’ll be getting each night, if you follow the tips above, it won’t matter as you’ll be well equipped to handle however many you can pull in and keep up with!

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