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During the main quest line “The High Keep,” Hogwarts Legacy players will be tasked with having to open Falbarton Castle’s main gate. Whether you’re trying to figure out where to go, or how to do it, you may be wondering how to open the main gate to progress the quest.


Falburton Castle Location on Map


Opening Falbarton Castle’s Main Gate in Hogwarts Legacy

Opening the gate itself is simple, though finding the gate mechanism can be tricky. First, you will want to make sure you are progressing through “The High Keep” storyline, which has the player going after evil wizards Harlow and Rookwood. You’ll want to talk with Natty near the main gate first, and then start climbing up a set of stones and battlements to the right of where you just had the conversation. 


Once you’ve climbed this section of the castle wall, you should see a mechanism on the left, which you can interact with using the Depulso spell. Once you’ve used this spell, cast Wingardium Leviosa on a crate inside and move it outside to the right. Finally, use the Levioso spell to lift it up, allowing your character to use it to climb up to access the upper rampart.



You will see some wooden boards covering a hole in the wall — remember this location. Continue around the rampart until you reach a dead end. Look inside a hole in the wall and you will see a crate — use Accio on this crate to move it. Return to the wooden boards and use a damaging spell to break them. Now enter the crawlspace.



Inside the crawlspace, you will find the gate mechanism which you will have to use Depulso on several times. After this, you’ll need to quickly cast Accio to pull on a ring that is hanging on the wall, which will prevent the gate from closing all the way.


And that’s how you open Falbarton Castle’s main gate in Hogwarts Legacy.

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