Here is the answer to how to skip cutscenes in Sons of the Forest: press keyboard S key

Much like The Forest before it, Sons of the Forest uses a number of environmental storytelling clues throughout the game without utilizing many cutscenes to convey the story. There are still moments where cutscenes take place, and for players ready to just jump back into the scary mutant action, they might want to just skip Endnight’s story. So here is the simple answer to how to skip cutscenes in Sons of the Forest.

To Skip Cutscenes in Sons of the Forest, Simply Press This Key

Just press the “S” key to skip scenes!

While the game still holds a bit more of a minimal approach to cutscenes, Sons of the Forest does have a bit more story told through scene work than its predecessor. The game’s opening gives considerably more detail on how you got stranded this time, detailing the full helicopter crash in the intro. There are several more short cutscenes throughout the game adding some action and intrigue to certain moments.

But because the game has enough environmental clues to tell the story, you can simply skip any cutscenes you are uninterested in by pressing S. None of the cutscenes are particularly long, but this will expedite the process of getting back to the game.

That’s how to skip cutscenes in Sons of the Forest, so now you can get straight back into the action. And might we suggest you engage in that action using Big Head Mode?

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