How to Solve the Centrifuge Puzzle in Dead Space Remake

As if the Necromorphs weren’t enough, the Dead Space remake’s USG Ishimura ends up with a propulsion problem. And if it’s not fixed, Isaac and everyone aboard — living or undead — will plummet into the planet. A major part of solving that issue is restarting the ship’s centrifuge. So here is how to solve the centrifuge puzzle in the Dead Space remake.

You Need to Use Two Powers Together to Solve the Centrifuge Puzzle, but Watch Out for the Necromorphs

The first thing to be aware of is that, while you’re solving this puzzle, you will have to deal with Necromorphs. There’s at least one Necromorph in the zero-gravity centrifuge chamber, and more will arrive each time you get a generator module working.

Actually, maybe “working” isn’t the right word. The modules are working; the problem is getting them into the centrifuge’s core. The little symbol on them suggests that you need to use Kinesis to shove them into their respective holes, but do that and they’ll just get flung out again, with an unpleasant noise and a load of sparks.

How to Solve the Centrifuge Puzzle in Dead Space Remake

The reason is they’re moving too fast. Here’s what you need to do and the best way to go about doing it:

  • Go to a generator module (one of the two spinning mechanisms that are resting against the wall).
  • Use Kinesis to bring it closer to the hole.
  • Then use Stasis on it.
  • Quickly, switch back to Kinesis and move it into the hole.
  • Kill any Necromorphs that appear, then repeat this with the other generator module.

Once the generator modules are engaged, turn on the console on the top floor to turn gravity back on.

If you’ve no Stasis left, float up to the top floor and refill from the Stasis station. Kinesis, on the other hand, never runs out. As for the Necromorphs, we recommend you get near a solid surface and turn flight off — they’re harder to take on when you’re floating around in low gravity.

You finally need to leave the centrifuge room, which, now that it’s moving, is a little trickier. Run clockwise, towards the spinning centrifuge arm. Watch out for Necromorphs along the way, too. If you’re fast you can get past them without wasting ammo, but you will still need to duck into the alcoves to avoid getting smooshed yourself. Plus, you’ll now be running out of oxygen.

And that’s how you solve the centrifuge puzzle in the Dead Space remake. If you’ve refueled the engines, all that’s left is to restart them — and if not, that’s your next task.

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