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Howl Is Basically A Quiet Place Meets Little Red Riding Hood

An image from the Howl video game.

There was a smattering of interesting titles that debuted during today’s Indie World Showcase. One such game was Howl, which features a deaf heroine fighting wolfish creatures.

Check out the launch trailer for Howl below:

Howl is a turn-based affair, set during medieval times. A terrible ‘howling plague’ has ravaged the land, and everyone who hears it turns into feral beasts. Our deaf protagonist is the only one who can deal with the threat and find a cure since she is unaffected by the spell. She can also see into the future, meaning she can plan her attacks up to six steps in advance to ensure victory over the beasts that roam the woods.

This indie title has a wonderful hand-drawn, storybook aesthetic. Its graphics, mixed with its turn-based gameplay, make for a unique-looking indie that makes it stand out among the rest.

You can purchase Howl right now for $14.99 on Nintendo Switch. A demo is also available for gamers who want a taste of the adventure before they commit.

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