Atomic Hearts combat

Atomic Heart tasks you with infiltrating a facility filled with murderous robots and biological experiments. What could possibly go wrong? But if you want to put your virtual life on the line, do you need to buy Atomic Heart outright? Or is it available on Game Pass?

Is Atomic Heart on Game Pass? The Answer is Yes, Both on Xbox and PC. 

Atomic Heart is on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. That means that, as long as you have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can play it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. And if you have a PC Game Pass subscription you can play it on PC, provided your machine meets the minimum requirements.

Or, if you’ve got an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription you can play Atomic Heart via Cloud Gaming. So, with a supported joypad, you can play it on your iPad, Android phone, and more. That’s providing you have a good internet connection, of course. Whatever you choose, Game Pass subscribers will be able to play Atomic Heart for free. 

Is Atomic Heart Always Going to be Free on Game Pass?

Atomic Heart is free on Game Pass now, but it’s possible that it may leave a few months down the line. Games do leave Game Pass regularly — the same month that Atomic Heart joined the service, six games left the service. If you’re thinking about playing Atomic Heart, there’s no time like the present.

So yes, Atomic Heart is currently on Game Pass, both on the PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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