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Is Forspoken Multiplayer?

For those who want Square Enix Frey Holland to tear through Athia with a friend, here is the answer to if Forspoken is multiplayer.

Forspoken puts you in the shoes of Frey, a young woman who’s yanked out of New York and hurled into the fantasy world of Athia. There, only she — or rather you — can step up and save the realm, joining forces with a sentient weapon. But what if you want to share that responsibility or go head to head with another parkouring magic user? Here is the answer to if Forspoken is multiplayer.

Sorry, Spell-Flingers, Forspoken Is a Single-Player Game, No Co-op or Multiplayer

That’s right — there’s no multiplayer whatsoever in the game. But that’s not necessarily because it’s an open-world game; there are several single-player open-world games that also feature co-op, such as Dying Light and Saints Row.

More likely it’s that developer Luminous Productions just decided it wasn’t something it wanted to focus on. Implementing multiplayer is a lot of work, plus it typically requires someone to provide matchmaking and/or servers for the game.

Could we see multiplayer working in this game? Yes, as far as co-op goes — one player could be FreyA and the other FreyB (sorry). But head-to-head deathmatch would, to our minds, be less entertaining. You’d have to find a way to limit each Frey’s parkour abilities, which doesn’t sound like fun.

Regardless, there’s no multiplayer, co-op or otherwise, in Forspoken.

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