Wild Hearts man vs ape

Wild Hearts has you hunting all manner of strange creatures, called Kemono. Some of them will happily gnaw your face off, while others just want to be left to their own devices. But, playing this action RPG, you’re going to end up shedding some blood. So you might be wondering — is there an option to disable blood in Wild Hearts?

There is No Way to Disable Blood in Wild Hearts, but There is Not Much Blood in the Game in the First Place

It’s true that, in Wild Hearts, you’re hunting monsters with a range of different weapons, including blades. Indeed, one of the crafting ingredients is Kemono Blood which, itself, comes in several varieties. So you might think there’d be gore aplenty. 

That’s not the case. What happens is that when you slash or otherwise attack a Kemono, you may spot a slash of red. If you’re distracted by trying not to die, you could well miss it. And when you finish off a wounded Kemono (you monster), they expire without much fuss. There’s no vast geyser of blood, no Mortal Kombat-style mess of body parts. 

Can you disable the small amount of blood in the game? Unfortunately not, so if even that’s a deal-breaker for you, there’s no way around it. There may, in the future, be a PC mod that disables blood or there could even be an official upgrade that adds such an option. But now? No.

So there’s no option to disable blood in Wild Hearts, but there’s hardly any blood in the game anyway. 

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