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Kate Bishop Gets Gameplay Deep Dive in Marvel’s Avengers, Launches in December

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Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have shown off what you can expect from Marvel’s Avengers’ first new character drop when Kate Bishop – Taking AIM arrives early next month. Today’s War Table gameplay deep dive reveals that the fight against AIM will continue on Dec. 8, the new hero’s launch date. Plus, by the looks of the trailer below, it sounds like you’ll be reassembling your heroes to rescue Hawkeye.

These new narratives are called Operations, Crystal Dynamics’ post-game, interconnected mission type. As Marvel’s Avengers continues through its content roadmap, Operations will bring on new heroes, villains, biomes, and more. The developer says that, over time, each of the stories will come together to make a sort of arc, likening the method of storytelling to that of TV shows or comic books.

Kate Bishop brings her own new gameplay style to the table, sporting teleportation powers that can aid in traversal and take down enemies in a variety of ways. For example, players can use teleportation to take the Hawkeye understudy up close and personal with enemies or simply create wormholes to help allies move quickly across the battlefield. Of course, as with any of Marvel’s Avengers’ other playable characters, Kate Bishop will have plenty of new outfits to unlock. Meanwhile, the new villain shown on display in the War Table Deep Dive is the Super Adaptoid, a cosmic being capable of copying the powers and abilities of all of the heroes in Marvel’s Avengers.

Square Enix’s War Table also provided a quick look at the next Operation, which features Hawkeye in a grim future setting and is set to arrive in early 2021. Crystal Dynamics says that it will have more details to share “in the very near future.” You can watch today’s entire War Table presentation in the video below.

Marvel’s Avengers launched in September for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but Square Enix says that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S versions are still on track to release as free upgrades for current owners early next year.

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