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Read Article Marvel’s Avengers Calls It Quits, Game Support Will End This Year
Marvels Avengers game support end ends shut down Crystal Dynamics quit quits September 30, 2023 final update 2.8 March 31, 2023 Marvel's Avengers
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Amazon Games Tomb Raider
Read Article New Tomb Raider in Development Using Unreal Engine 5
Unreal Engine 5 new Tomb Raider UE5 Lyra multiplayer game problems ruin single player games: open world freedom, bad pacing, sidequests Metroidvania Tob Raider Crystal Dynamics sequel Eidos combine new old games timelines
Read Article Reportedly About Half the Core Team of The Initiative Quit in the Past Year
half The Initiative core development team quit Perfect Dark at Microsoft Studios, Crystal Dynamics taking control with Darrell Gallagher
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Marvels Avengers reveal trailer Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event Crystal Dynamics Square Enix Marvel's Avengers
Read Article Marvel’s Avengers Finally Gets Spider-Man, Plus a Klaw Raid This Month
Marvels Avengers Klaw Raid Crystal Dynamics, Spidey, Spider-Man, exclusive, PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Marvel's Avengers
Read Article Perfect Dark Reboot Adds Avengers Dev Crystal Dynamics as a Development Partner
Perfect Dark reboot The Initiative Crystal Dynamics Microsoft Xbox Series X development partner developer
Read Article War for Wakanda Finally Lets Marvel’s Avengers Step Out of the MCU’s Shadow
War for Wakanda Black Panther expansion is great, just what series needs, steps out of MCU shadow Marvel's Avengers
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Tomb Raider: Legend trilogy Crystal Dynamics Eidos Interactive revival
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Crystal Dynamics Square Enix Marvels Avengers Kate Bishop Taking Aim expansion Marvel's Avengers


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Read Article Tomb Raider: Legend Is How You Revive an Icon
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