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Marvel’s Avengers is the live-service Square Enix game that is mechanically and occasionally narratively great but that developer Crystal Dynamics can’t convince anyone to keep playing. The last major chance for Marvel’s Avengers to assert itself as a worthwhile IP might be the PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event, which launches on November 30 and has finally received a reveal trailer. Unfortunately, it’s a really generic trailer across the board.

The Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man: With Great Power trailer has Spidey dropping in to beat up some generic AIM villains, albeit while doing somersaults, webbing enemies with his fists somehow, and channeling his inner Scorpion to yank over a distant enemy. Some actual web-slinging and wall crawling are featured as well. How any of these moves will translate into actual gameplay is not yet confirmed, as this trailer seems entirely cinematic. In any case, the trailer concludes with basically the whole Avengers squad showing up to help Spider-Man beat up just a handful of AIM thugs, which isn’t the most imaginative use of literally any of the characters on display.

Of course, for Marvel’s Avengers fans, the trailer itself doesn’t matter — the fact that Spider-Man is finally coming at all (albeit only to PlayStation) is the highlight.


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