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Killer Bean Game Looks Like a Wild Blend of John Wick and Potato Head

Killer Bean fights against a helicopter. The game has today received its first trailer.
Image via Killer Bean Studios.

After Mouse earlier this year, another wildly inventive new indie game has gotten its proper unveiling today, and it looks nothing short of chaotic. Killer Bean is the game, and its debut trailer brings a whole range of potential influences to mind, from John Wick to Just Cause to Max Payne, all wrapped up in a doughy aesthetic reminiscent of the Potato Head toys.

The trailer is chock full of action, beginning with a car chase that sees the playable character launch itself out of the vehicle for some bullet-time shooting, escalating through breakdancing to avoid incoming fire, using a suplex as a finishing move, and ending with raining hell down upon an industrial structure from a helicopter. It’s a kinetic, frenetic display that switches between first- and third-person viewpoints, which you will be able to do at will in the final game. Check it out for yourself:

Beyond the action, Killer Bean will feature what looks to be a fairly robust character customization selection. It will also empower you to play your way with different skill trees for stealth, melee, gunplay, and parkour. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however.

Procedural generation guarantees a high degree of replayability. The developer has previously shown off a little bit of how it works for weapons, while the Steam page explains that similar systems will also govern the story. With each new campaign, locations, missions, and the allegiances between characters will all be shuffled about.

Killer Bean is so far only announced for PC, but it’s not the first outing for the character. It was preceded by a full-length film back in 2008 and a mobile game called Killer Bean Unleashed (available on iOS and Android devices). That game looks a lot like My Friend Pedro, and it’s easy to see how its ideas have been fleshed out into this 3D version.

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