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Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Revealed for Switch, PS4, XB1 in 2020

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory trailer Square Enix Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One

A new game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise has been announced. Square Enix revealed an action rhythm game, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

According to a translation from Gematsu, the game will feature over 140 songs from both the Kingdom Hearts series as well as Disney franchises. In the reveal trailer, Melody of Memory seems to be using the first Kingdom Hearts entry’s iteration of Sora. Other characters have been confirmed to appear in gameplay too. Various characters across the Disney universe will join Sora and his friends as guests to fight alongside him. There will be four different types of modes to play, including online battles as well.

The end of the trailer, however, shows a scene with Kairi after the events of Kingdom Hearts III. It’s fairly cryptic as it shows several flashbacks of someone, presumably a younger Kairi in a first-person view, trying to escape from enemies, only to be blocked by a gate.

A figure in a black hood confronts Kairi in what seems to be The Final World from Kingdom Hearts III. She then attacks the hooded figure, ending the trailer.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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