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Like a Dragon: Ishin Reveals ‘All-Star’ Cast with Yakuza 0, LAD Characters

Like a Dragon: Ishin all-star cast Yakuza 0 LAD RGG Summit 2022

At the RGG Summit 2022, RGG Studio offered a longer, in-depth look at Like a Dragon: Ishin, which was first announced yesterday at the PlayStation State of Play. It premiered a longer Like a Dragon: Ishin “Ambush” trailer that featured new characters that didn’t exist when the original game released in 2014, such as various characters from Yakuza 0 and characters like Joon-Gi Han and Koichi Adachi from Yakuza: Like a Dragon: This is an “all-star cast” of everyone who has been in the Yakuza franchise up to this point. Additionally, Like a Dragon: Ishin now has a more precise release date of February 21, 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC via Steam.

A few actors from the game appeared to join RGG producer Masayoshi Yokoyama to talk live at the RGG Summit 2022, including Riki Takeuchi (Takeda Kanryusai), Hitoshi Ozawa (Ito Kashitaro), and Hideo Nakano (Takechi Hanpeita). They made jokes about their fluctuating weight, wanting to be the star of the game, and some dirty joke that the English translator chose not to attempt to translate. They also talked about the actor digitization process.

RGG Summit is still going on, so even though the Like a Dragon: Ishin all-star cast reveal is awesome, there will be more news where this came from. Check back soon.

Update: RGG subsequently revealed Like a Dragon 8 and Like a Dragon Gaiden, a side story action game about Kiryu Kazuma.

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