Little Nightmares II, Tarsier Studios, Bandai Namco, Gamescom, trailer

Little Nightmares II looks (unsurprisingly) terrifying in its first gameplay trailer shown at Gamescom: Opening Night Live. The sequel to Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco’s fever dream of a game will come to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Feb. 11, 2021. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions will come later in 2021. You can watch the new video below.

Here’s a brief description of Little Nightmares II, as provided by Bandai Namco:

In a cruel world, a lonely boy finds a mission and a friend. Ride the line between excitement and terror as you run, jump, sneak, and fight your way through the Pale City and its Residents with Six by your side. Stop the Transmission before it can stop you, and you might survive.

Little Nightmares first launched in 2016, bringing plenty of skin-crawling scares along with it. Little Nightmare II was announced around a year ago, teasing a brand new world for Tarsier to scare us with.

The Escapist spoke with Tarsier Senior Narrative Designer Dave Mervik in November of last year about the reception to the original Little Nightmares, among other things.

Gamescom has brought other interesting announcements besides Little Nightmares II, such as a first look at the next Dragon Age and the first real trailer for Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One.

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