Lofi Girl Was Replaced by Synthwave Boy on YouTube

Lofi Girl Has Been Replaced by Synthwave Boy on YouTube synth vaporwave

Lofi Girl, broadcast to millions of people annually on YouTube with 24/7 LoFi Hip Hop Radio, was replaced! Albeit briefly. Today, following a dramatic countdown and teasers on Twitter, Lofi Girl (and her cat) was replaced by what fans are calling Synthwave Boy (and his dog), host of “synthwave radio🌌 – beats to chill/game to,” as you can currently see at bottom. Fortunately, the replacement was very temporary; separate video streams for Lofi Girl and Synthwave Boy have already been created, so you can enjoy both.

Bizarrely, there is an actual mythology to go with this change. In the Lofi Girl imagery, at nighttime, there is a lit-up blue window in the distance. Synthwave Boy and his blue/purple-lit room and dog are the answer to what is in the distant window. Thus, Lofi Girl and Synthwave Boy seem to exist in a state of perfect musical equilibrium, bringing chill beats to the entire universe from across the street.

There is a Lofi World website to go along with this cataclysmic shift, but it keeps crashing seemingly from too much interest, so we can’t tell you what’s there quite yet. But if you wanted a little more variety to go along with your lofi hip hop beats, Synthwave Boy has you covered.

In a follow-up press release, owner the AMW Group offered the following about what enthusiasts can expect from the new stream and its lead character:

The character, designed by the skilled artists at Lofi Studio, brings a new style of music to the table, known as Synthwave. Representing a departure from the familiar anime girl yet still exuding the charm and friendliness fans love about Lofi Girl, the character’s identity remained a mystery leading up to the launch date, adding to the excitement and anticipation.

The new Synthwave livestream offers a diverse range of ambient music, perfect for studying, gaming, or unwinding. The carefully curated tracks will surely delight both existing fans and newcomers alike. The “beats to game/chill to” livestream is now available 24/7 on YouTube and various streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer, providing a unique and captivating listening experience.

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