Loki season 2 and Echo both have their MCU premiere release date at Disney+, with Loki arriving first this October / Marvel Cinematic Universe Jonathan Majors Tom Hiddleston Owen Wilson

Loki Season 2 Premieres This October, Echo Series Will Drop All at Once After

In a pretty barebones tweet, Marvel Studios announced what is next for its Disney+ TV shows after Secret Invasion airs next month: Loki season 2 will premiere with a release date of October 6, 2023, and Echo will drop in its entirety on November 29, 2023. Loki season 2 will be six episodes in total, so presuming that one episode arrives per week, it will air until November 10. It is currently unclear how many episodes Echo will contain.

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Loki season 2 will take place immediately after the first season, which (spoiler alert) ended with Sylvie killing He Who Remains, causing time to be completely rewritten and resulting in some version of Kang the Conqueror apparently controlling the Time Variance Authority. A postcredits sequence at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania then featured Loki and Mobius investigating a Kang variant. Despite his ongoing legal trouble regarding allegations of domestic violence, Jonathan Majors will reprise his role as a Kang variant(s) in Loki season 2 because filming had completed prior to the allegations. Just don’t be surprised if he happens to be absent from the trailer.

Meanwhile, Echo will be the origin story of Maya Lopez, “whose ruthless behavior in New York City catches up with her in her hometown. She must face her past, reconnect with her Native American roots and embrace the meaning of family and community if she ever hopes to move forward.” The character previously appeared in Hawkeye.

So, Loki season 2 and Echo have a release date at Disney+, but prior to all that, a haggard-looking Samuel L. Jackson will go on one last adventure as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion beginning June 21. And following a delay, The Marvels will arrive in theaters on November 10.

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