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Lost Odyssey: The Xbox 360’s Most Interesting Novel


In this episode of Lost in Time, Colin Munch breaks down the story behind Lost Odyssey, the Xbox 360 JRPG that is also one of the console’s most interesting novels.

For more, check out our previous Lost in Time on Blue Dragon and Xbox’s failed attempt to really make a splash in Japan.

Lost Odyssey is a Japanese RPG by Feelplus and Mistwalker and released by Microsoft exclusively on the Xbox 360 in 2007. If that sounds familiar, it’s because you’re a true friend who watched our previous video on Blue Dragon. If you haven’t watched that one yet, do us all a favor and zip over there for a sec to check it out. 

Just like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey was part of Xbox’s mission to make a splash in Japan with the 360 after the original Xbox…didn’t. Like really didn’t. Also like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey is a Final Fantasy-inspired slow-burn, big-budget video game co-signed by two of the fathers of the genre: Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uetmatsu. But Lost Odyssey is most like Blue Dragon in that it’s a light-hearted romp through a colourful world full of … loveable … characters.

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