Dreamlike puzzle-platformer Lucidity will cost gamers $10 when it hits shelves next week.

We’ve written a few pieces about Lucidity, the dreamscape platformer from the same LucasArts team that did the Secret of Monkey Island remake. Because as sleepy and relaxing as this game looks, it’s also … rather interesting, in a way. There’s something very compelling about the whole aesthetic.

There’s also something very compelling about the price, too: Though the team joked about just selling one copy priced at $3,000,000 and calling it quits, they’ve settled for a much more reasonable price of $10 (or, 800 Microsoft Points). Which means that if 300,000 people buy it, it’s practically the same thing as their first idea!

Lucidity stars Sofi, a little girl who has been reading one too many bedtime stories before she nods off, and the player must safely guide her through her dreamscapes as she sleeps. And at $10, it may be the cheapest reliable sleep aid on the market.

The game ships (so to speak) next week on October 7th, but if you can’t wait that long, there’s some very interesting stuff on the developers’ blog.

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