Marvel’s New Secret Wars Will Leave “Universes Destroyed”


Marvel’s new Secret Wars will involve 15 of the company’s recently teased event books.

The past weeks have been one heck of a time for devoted Marvel fans. All told the famed comics publisher announced more than a dozen events over the course of October and during the beginning days of November. The big question surrounding all of the announcements, of course, is what they were all driving toward. Arguably the strongest belief among many comic fans was that the company was launching the books in question as part of the new Secret Wars mega event that initially kicked off its epic string of announcements. It would now seem that fans of this theory were dead on.

That, at least, is the indication of a recently released trailer for the event confirming that a total of 15 of its previously teased titles will be involved in the new Secret Wars. The video, which promised that universes will be “destroyed,” indicated that Secret Wars will involve the following:

These titles were show in the video taking over certain regions in the “Battleworld.” The Battleworld, of course, also appeared in the original 1984 Secret Wars series where it was pieced together by the Beyonder to serve an arena for Marvel’s heroes and villains. Marvel didn’t share any details as to who and how the Battleworld will be forged. That said, it did reveal that the new special series will be launching in May 2015 and will feature writing from Jonathan Hickman and art from Esad Ribic. The book’s covers will be produced by Alex Ross. We’ve reached out to Marvel to see if we can learn anything more.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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