Marvels Wolverine release date window fall 2024 hard R rating M for Mature Marvel's Wolverine

Insomniac Games was a great investment for PlayStation. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a wonderful game. The Spider-Man titles are similarly of high quality, with the next entry due sometime by the end of this year. But what of its other Marvel adventure starring Wolverine? According to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, Marvel’s Wolverine may launch by the fall of 2024, a year after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 — and with a “hard R” (or, more accurately, “M for Mature”) vibe. It will most likely be a bloody good time.

Grubb dropped this info during a Giant Bomb live stream today:

About the allegedly mature approach to Marvel’s Wolverine, Grubb said the following: “Hard R is what they’re going for… that’s one of the concepts that I’ve heard. I think an M-rated Wolverine could work, I think an M-rated superhero game could work, and this is probably the right character.”

Gamers would not have this any other way. Spider-Man is one thing, but Wolverine is a stabby, violent individual. In order to do the character justice, Insomniac would have to make the title gory. Another thing Grubb brought up is how the game won’t be connected to the Fox movies and stand on its own, with a more inexperienced Wolverine pre-X-Men.

2024 sounds like a very hopeful launch time frame for Marvel’s Wolverine. Even Grubb mentions 2025 is more likely, but man, it’d be great to have it sooner. I’d love to see what other properties Insomniac could get its hands on from Marvel if this does well. Perhaps Daredevil?

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