Masahiro Sakurai cat video educational YouTube channel Fukurashi Fukura Kirby Super Smash Bros creator designer

Masahiro Sakurai is a universally beloved game designer responsible for the creation of the Kirby and Super Smash Bros franchises, among other things. Earlier this year, Sakurai created both English- and Japanese-language YouTube channels dedicated to sharing ad-free lessons on video game design, and they’re frankly spectacular. In bite-sized videos, he’s been covering the whole spectrum of game design. But the Smash Bros creator has decided to go for something different for his latest video, as Sakurai has created an entire video about his cat, Fukurashi.

Well, actually her name is Fukura, but they call her Fukurashi “since it rolls off the tongue better.” Sakurai astutely observes that any home with a cat is bound to inspire three words: “She’s (or ‘He’s) so cute!” If you think maybe the whole video will secretly have a lesson about game design baked into it, using Fukurashi as a metaphor of some kind, you would be embarrassingly wrong. No, Sakurai makes a clear mission statement for this video about his cat: “I’ll be showing off some pictures and clips of Fukurashi, including some from her kitten days!” And then that’s what happens for the next minute straight. It rules. Watch it.

Masahiro Sakurai even refers to his cat as the “queen of the household” in the video, which could not be more adorable. He is completely the stereotypical cat owner in the best possible way, and it’s something all cat people can relate to.

I don’t have anything profound to say to conclude this article, so I’ll just conclude it the same way Sakurai concluded his video: “And that’s it!”

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