Mass Effect Legendary Edition graphics comparison trailer BioWare, visuals video EA

BioWare and EA have unveiled an official comparison trailer showing off the many, many graphics improvements coming with Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Commander Shepard’s crew has never looked better than in today’s new footage, which offers side-by-side 4K video of the original releases with their enhanced counterparts. The video also calls attention to some of the more specific changes, such as the improvements to character models, re-lit cutscenes, and new visual effects.

BioWare offered more in-depth information about the work that went into Mass Effect Legendary Edition in a blog post published on EA’s website, including more graphics comparisons. The team says that the plan has always been to improve upon the original trilogy’s graphics without losing what made those games visually distinct.

“Our goal from the onset was to improve and enhance the visuals while staying true to the original aesthetics of the trilogy that have become so iconic and genre-defining over the past decade,” the post says. “A remaster rather than remake allowed us to build upon the original assets in a way that resembles the polishing phase in a normal development cycle, while also being able to utilize the advantages of much more modern hardware and software.”

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was unveiled late last year and includes vastly improved versions of the original Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, as well as all of the trilogy’s DLC. BioWare gave us more information about the gameplay changes coming in the remaster bundle last week.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches May 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and will be playable via backward compatibility on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.


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