Metroid Prime Remastered cant live up to memory does not mention the full original team in its credits. It opts instead for a simple acknowledgment.

It feels like the huge February Nintendo Direct just happened yesterday.

One of the best surprises of the night was the reveal and shadow launch of Metroid Prime Remastered. By all accounts, the title is a wonderful-looking adventure with a bevy of control options from which to choose.

However, not everything is perfect. Zoid Kirsch, who was a Senior Engineer on the original Metroid Prime, noted Metroid Prime Remastered does not include the full credits from the original game.

Here’s the tweet with what the game uses as an acknowledgment:

Not only are the original GameCube team left out of the credits, but so too are the people behind the Wii version of Metroid Prime.

Needless to say, this is a crappy thing to do and does a disservice to the work of so many talented employees. Many people contributed to the success of Metroid Prime and its ports, and they deserve recognition alongside the hard-working team behind Remastered.

This is an issue that has plagued the video game industry for years, with all manner of personnel not appearing in credits due to reasons like leaving a company before a project is finished.

More recently, The Last of Us co-creator Bruce Straley was left out of the television adaptation because of a “strained” relationship with Naughty Dog, and localizers were left off the credits for the latest releases of Persona 3 and 4.

Situations like these come during a call for increased video game unionization, with the issue of industry standards around credits becoming more pressing in an ever more outsourced industry.

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