Four new classic cards added to MLB The Show 24
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MLB The Show 24 Roster Update Brings Classic Cards Back to Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 24 received a significant update this week, with a lot of new content for Diamond Dynasty players to enjoy. We’ve got you covered on how to earn all the latest content in this week’s update.

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All New Content in MLB The Show 24 Roster Update

MLB The Show 24 Classics Program

Cody Bellinger attributes

A brand new program offers the opportunity to earn five new The Show Classics cards. Cody Bellinger’s June 2017 Lightning card is the big reward at 500 program stars. With big power and diamond-level defense, that card quickly became popular. Along the way, you’ll earn a lot of other rewards—cards, XP, and stubs included.

By the time you complete the Classics program, you’ll be able to add the following players to your roster:

  • 93 Overall Kenta Maeda Postseason Series
  • 94 Overall Keibert Ruiz Future Stars Series
  • 94 Overall Nick Lodolo Future Stars Series
  • 94 Overall Gleyber Torres Faces of the Franchise Series
  • 95 Overall Cody Bellinger Monthly Awards Series

You can earn these cards quickly if you attack the program the right way. As always, the first thing to do is the moments. There are five of them, and you’ll have 15 program stars after doing them all. That is enough to get you Kenta Maeda, who should immediately go into your bullpen. Go into Conquest and start working on the Mets City Connect conquest, with Maeda starting every game on the mound. As you earn new players, immediately insert them into your lineup and keep playing until you have Cody Bellinger on your squad.

In addition to the Classics Series cards you’ll earn, it appears that Sony San Diego has been listening to the community regarding XP and stubs. In this program, you’ll earn 40,000 bonus XP and 12,500 stubs. Not a bad haul for what is a pretty quick program.

Ranked Seasons Drop 2

For players not quite good enough to get to the 900 rating needed to earn World Series rewards in Ranked Seasons, you can now progress all the way to the reward in the program. There are three different ways to earn the last program stars you need to get either Jacob deGrom or Mike Cameron:

  • More stats and PXP missions—rack up stats in Ranked Seasons games, and you’ll earn program stars from these missions.
  • Higher difficulty missions—these are a variety of stat missions that can only be earned while playing on Hall-of-Fame or Legend difficulty.
  • Co-Op missions—jump into Co-Op with a friend and earn program stars by hitting innings milestones.

After earning the boss choice pack, you can still earn many more rewards in Ranked Seasons in the program. You can earn 15,000 stubs, several packs, and a Vault choice pack.

New International Event

The newest event runs for two weeks and features players from teams taking part in the 2023 or 2024 International Series. That means that players from the Padres, Giants, Cubs, Cardinals, Dodgers, Astros, Rockies, Red Sox, and Rays are all eligible. Assemble a lineup and compete to accumulate as many wins as you can without getting two losses.

At 10 cumulative wins, a 91 overall Jerry Hairston, Jr. Hyper Series card will be yours. When you get to 20 total wins, you’ll earn a 96 overall Dante Bichette. Bichette is always loaded with power, so it’ll be a nice add to many lineups. On the way, you’ll earn more XP, stubs, and packs, too.

New Packs and Season Awards

MLB The Show 24 has trended toward being more like Madden or NBA 2K with more premium content behind paywalls. With new content arriving in a significant drop, that means more packs to buy, too. There is a mix of Captains and Season Awards to buy this time around.

A new Captain’s choice pack gives you a chance to add a new 95 overall captain to your team, this time based on factors other than the team they play for. This choice pack costs 40,000 stubs and contains the following:

  • Trevor Hoffman: boosts players with 45 or more saves in a season
  • Clayton Kershaw: boosts left-handed pitchers
  • David Ortiz: boosts hitters from the 2000s
  • Mark Prior: boosts Standout Series players
  • Carlos Santana: boosts switch hitters
  • Seiya Suzuki: boosts Asian-born players

A new Season Awards drop means a new player pack too, and this one has five new players. It’s not a choice pack, though, so you’ll get the card that is revealed for you. It costs 30,000 stubs, and contains the following players:

  • 96 Overall Cal Raleigh Season Awards
  • 96 Overall Reed Garrett Season Awards
  • 93 Overall Ranger Suarez Topps Now
  • 93 Overall Mitchell Parker Topps Now
  • 93 Overall Jonatan Clase Topps Now

There’s also a new Season Awards program to work through. If you want to get the new Lightning player when it drops, keeping up with these programs is a must.

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