Morpheme Merged Into Eidos


Eidos Interactive purchases handheld games studio Morpheme Wireless Limited.

Mobile games developer Morpheme Wireless Limited will be joining Eidos Interactive’s Eidos New Media division, along with the recently acquired Rockpool Games and digital distribution experts Bluefish Media. The London-based Morpheme have previously worked with Eidos on handheld releases of Hitman and Prism: Light the Way. This sequence of acquisition’s is part of Eidos’s plan to expand into the growing mobile and online gaming niches.

CEO of Morpheme Wireless Limited Matt Spall stated, “This is a really exciting opportunity for both Morpheme and Eidos. It will allow us the opportunity to take our experience, talent and creativity and elevate it to the next level and to a much wider consumer audience.”

Simon Protheroe, New Media and IT Director at Eidos, is glad to add the Morpheme staff to Eidos New Media. “Weve worked with Morpheme on a number of successful games already, so we know how well we work together. Its great to have Matt and his team on board in a deal which fully complements our existing development resources.”

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