Morrowind Revival Mod Skywind Receives New Gameplay Trailer Skyrim

More than half a year on from the last development update, The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project has shared a fresh glimpse at its ambitious Skywind mod, which aims to recreate The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind within the engine of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Titled “Battle at Nchurdamz” (and named after a Dwemer ruin in the original game), the new footage shows off an array of previously unseen inclusions in the mod, including a look at quest gameplay and new assets. Also of note are updates to the voice acting and sound design.

The team took the opportunity to provide some additional details of how the mod will restore and build on features from Morrowind. For example, following their absence from Skyrim, medium armor, pauldrons as a standalone armor item, and the Mysticism spell class will return. Another overhaul are new covers and artworks for a significant number of the game’s books, “matching each to their respective cultural style.”

While no release date has yet been provided, the team says that current progress is more consistent than it has been previously. Significant portions of the overworld are already in a final state, including Bitter Coast and Molag Amur, while other regions shown in the trailer, such as Azura’s Coast and Zafirbel Bay, are “in advanced states of development.”

The team has also updated the gallery on its website to showcase new screenshots, renders, and concept art from Skywind.

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