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Skywind Mod Update Video Showcases an Extremely Polished Morrowind

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“Skywind,” a mod that rebuilds the land of Morrowind with an updated engine in Skyrim, just received its fifth development update video. It showcases the mammoth-sized updates the game has received since last checking in with episode four nearly four years ago.

Developed by The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project, or TESRenewal for short, Skywind is essentially an unshackled version of 2002’s The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that, in addition to utilizing modern graphics, has full voice acting and “all the benefits of 10 years of gaming improvements.” Those concerned Morrowind might lose some of its iconic character in the process should know that TESRenewal is dedicated to preserving the feeling carried by the original game as part of its development process.

Watch the newest video down below to get a better feel for the team’s progress.

A lot of progress has been made across the board. Everything covered in the 11-minute video presents loads of promising changes, including some stunning locations and character models, beefed up sound design, and a project that is, overall, much more polished. What TESRenewal has created here looks almost like an official AAA product, and considering the team has yet to share a release window, there is surely much more content coming before Skywind launches.

If you’d like to be involved in the development process, you can sign up to volunteer for a number of positions on the developer’s Skywind website.

The Elder Scrolls universe has been the home of a vibrant modding community for the last decade. TESRenewal has been busy at work on other projects too, such as the aptly named “Skyblivion,” which fuses the worlds of Skyrim and Oblivion. Another mod project that was recently unveiled will see Skyrim’s gaming grandma, Shirley Curry, appearing as an NPC companion.

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