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New Tales from the Borderlands Launches in 2022

New Tales from the Borderlands 2022 launch Gearbox Software

2K and Gearbox Software have announced that a new Tales from the Borderlands game will release later in 2022, with a full unveiling coming this summer.

As with the previous entry in the spinoff series, the game is set to introduce new characters and explore the Borderlands looter-shooter universe in new ways. It will adopt the interactive fiction format popularized by developers like Telltale Games, which handled the first game. However, this new Tales from the Borderlands is being developed in-house at Gearbox.

While few other concrete details are available at present, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford provided some additional comments on stage at PAX East 2022 (as transcribed by Gematsu):

This time, we’re doing it to imagine all new characters and all-new stories from the Borderlands. So soon we’ll be announcing an all-new game set within the Borderlands universe and presented in that style of interactive fiction. I’m talking about an all-new Tales from the Borderlands adventure. It’s going to be releasing this year, it’s published by 2K Games, and it has been developed in-house by Gearbox Software. And it has all-new characters set in the Borderlands universe.

The first Tales from the Borderlands launched to widespread acclaim in 2014. The most recent addition to the Borderlands universe is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Full details of the new Tales from the Borderlands will arrive this summer.

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