Nintendo Chief Says Wii Third Party Support Will Grow


The head of Nintendo said the company’s imposing presence in the Wii software scene will lessen over time.

In an interview with Newsweek magazine, the head of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, downplayed the company’s dominance in the Wii console’s software sales.

“I believe that third-party publishers … don’t want Nintendo to have more than one-third [market presence], otherwise, Nintendo will be too strong. They want to have two-thirds of what’s being sold on the platform,” Iwata said.

He continued by arguing a strong start with first-party support was required as a stepping stone for future growth.

“However, I believe that the job of first-party software is to drive hardware. If you don’t have a quick impact and quick dissemination amongst the audience, you lose momentum,” he said.

Iwata nevertheless called Nintendo’s first-party presence on the system “unusual,” but predicted it would dissipate next year.


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