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The Original Dead Space Gets First-Person Fan Mod

A Dead Space fan mod has hit the PC that adds a first-person viewpoint for the main character Isaac Clarke and almost looks official.

2023 is the year of the remake/remaster. Metroid Prime Remastered came to Nintendo Switch with a bevy of control options and touched-up visuals. The Resident Evil 4 remake is getting a demo soon and will be out later this month. And at the start of the year, EA and Motive Studio graced current-gen consoles with the Dead Space remake. But what about the original game from 2008 that the now-defunct Visceral Games created? It’s been somewhat resurrected by the PC fan community, as one individual has made a first-person fan mod for Dead Space.

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Check it out in motion below:

For those unaware, the Dead Space series has been primarily third-person, barring the first-person on-rails shooter on the Wii, Dead Space: Extraction. This fan mod, however, is fully player-controlled. It’s quite well done, looking as close to an actual release from EA as possible. The Necromorphs are pretty horrifying up close, and Isaac bobs and weaves smoothly. Too bad he doesn’t talk like he does in the remake and he has that silly moon jump in Zero Gravity areas.

It’s great to see the original Dead Space still getting love from the community, especially with this first-person fan mod. Motive Studio could not have crafted such a good remake without the groundwork Visceral Games laid. It deserves to be recognized for its impact on the horror genre after being done dirty by EA.

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