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Phasmophobia Console Trailer Promises Terrifying Content Updates on PS5 & Xbox This August

Phasmophobia gets an August 2023 console release date on PlayStation 5 (PS5), PSVR 2, and Xbox Series X | S in a horrifying trailer.

Phasmophobia, one of the biggest PC horror games of the last few years, is finally making the jump to PlayStation 5 (PS5), PSVR 2, and Xbox Series X | S with an August 2023 early access release date. Developer Kinetic Games announced the move for the terrifying co-op thriller during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended. Players can expect online co-op for up to four players, optional crossplay, free content updates, unique ghost personalities, seasonal events, a reward progression system, collectibles, customizable difficulty, and a whole lot more when launch arrives later this year. Until then, you can watch the Phasmophobia console reveal trailer below for PS5, PSVR 2, and Xbox Series.

Phasmophobia released on PC in 2020 and quickly became a viral video game hit. Players team up and take on the role of paranormal investigators as they attempt to solve psychological horror mysteries by using a variety of ghost-hunting equipment. If you’ve ever thought that co-op games can’t be scary, Phasmophobia is here to prove you wrong. On the game’s Steam page, Kinetic has laid out plans to overhaul many of its systems while promising to add even more content over time. It’s unclear if the PC and console versions will carry all of the same bells and whistles, but you can stay tuned for any updates before launch arrives this August.

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