The Settlers creator Volker Wertich shares the announcement trailer for co-op city-builder Pioneers of Pagonia, for PC in Steam Early Access.

The Settlers creator Volker Wertich is returning to his city-building roots with Pioneers of Pagonia, a lush, island-set colony sim coming to PC via Steam Early Access in Q4 2023. Wertich is serving as creative director for the title at Path of War developer Envision Entertainment. Instead of remaining stationary as you build out your ideal town, players are encouraged to explore their surroundings in Pioneers of Pagonia. With an art style as appealing as what is shown in the project’s announcement teaser trailer, searching for crucial resources promises to be as fun as it is necessary.

“With Pioneers of Pagonia, we’re returning to the origins of city-building simulations, with thousands of inhabitants scurrying around and a focus on the in-depth simulation of the game world and economy that the community loves so much,” Wertich explained.

As explained on the Pioneers of Pagonia website, players will lead their communities as a visionary with advanced craftsmanship and “mystical knowledge.” As players connect communities and explore the islands of Pagonia, they’ll be treated to procedurally generated content, an element Envision says is a “major focus” in its gameplay. There currently aren’t plans to build competitive gameplay in Pioneers of Pagonia, though the developers haven’t ruled out the possibility down the line. Instead, players can expect an emphasis on cooperative gameplay when not building on their own. For more on the world you’ll be growing in Steam Early Access later this year, check out the background story information below:

Originally, the myriad islands of Pagonia were populated by scattered villages where the skilled inhabitants lived in peace. A cataclysm of unknown origin has thrown the world out of balance: Forests are infested with thorny vines, mountain passes are impassable due to landslides, villages are invaded by raiders, and cursed creatures have been sighted in many places. Villages are separated from each other, and their inhabitants face serious challenges.

While Pioneers of Pagonia gets its feet off the ground, Wertich’s original city-building IP is in the midst of a full-on reboot. After some roadblocks impeded its launch schedule last year, publisher Ubisoft announced that The Settlers: New Allies will arrive on PC on February 17, 2023, with console versions set to arrive sometime later. This new look for The Settlers is a long time coming, so next week’s launch could be a make-or-break release for the franchise. Fans, however, still have Pioneers of Pagonia to look forward to if worse comes to worst. Stay tuned for updates as these two animated city-builders move closer to reaching players’ hands.

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